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Do more of what makes you happy, Wall Decal - Made of Sundays
Do more of what makes you happy, Wall Decal - Made of Sundays
Do more of what makes you happy, Wall Decal - Made of Sundays
Do more of what makes you happy, Wall Decal - Made of Sundays
Do more of what makes you happy, Wall Decal - Made of Sundays

Do more of what makes you happy

12 €

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the fundamentals in life. Perfect wall decal decoration for your office walls to help you focus on the things that really matters. 


  • 'Do more of what makes you happy' wall quote
    • Wall decal with transfer tape
    • Available in various sizes (photo shows the L)

Stickers for all smooth surfaces

High quality interior stickers for all smooth surfaces carefully cut and packed with love in Helsinki, Finland. We use only the highest possible quality materials in all our stickers.

Easy to install

No need for drills or paint, applying our wall stickers is a piece of cake. All you need is a pair of hands and a plastic card to smoothen out the sticker and making sure it sticks to your surface. We even made a video!

Easy to remove

No ugly holes or sticky glue, your walls will remain just like they were. As they leave no permanent marks on your walls, our wall stickers are perfect for anyone who is renting or gets bored fast.

Matte decals for indoor use

All of our wall stickers come with a smooth matte finish and made of the highest quality Belgian-made Ecological Film (all black, white and yellow stickers) or German vinyl (all other colors).

Worldwide Shipping

All our stickers are carefully cut and packed to order in our small studio in Helsinki; we try to be as quick as lightning but it might take 1 - 2 days before your lovely package is on its way (depending if you order is custom made for you). All of our international shipments with DHL Express come with tracking.

Flat Rate Shipping

We are happy to offer FLATE RATE shipping to all orders, regardless of its size. Flat rate starting at 4 € for EU and 6 € for the rest of the world. Estimated delivery time with DHL Express is 2 - 5 business days for Europe and 5 - 8 business days for the rest of the world.

Free Shipping on orders above 90€

All orders above 90 € will get FREE SHIPPING. Estimated delivery time is 6 - 9 business days for orders within Europe and 9 - 15 business days for the rest of the world. The parcel will be delivered by your local postal service.

Customer Reviews

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This is our happy place :)

The sticker is perfect (as always) and the little change from my to our is greatly done. It's always a pleasure to receive a package from "Made of Sundays". Many many thanks

Hugging point

Tarra on aivan ihana. Sopii hyvin meidän hugging pointtiin ;) kirjaimet pysyvät hyvin maalatussa seinässä, mutta ympärillä oleva ympyrä ei meinaa pysyä. Mutta toivon, että saan sen pysymään!


Kiinnittäminen oli hieman haasteellista. Teksti liimautui aika laiskasti.

Hei Terhi! Voi harmi, tarttuiko tarra lopulta kunnolla? Kaikki meidän tarrat ovat mahdollisimman heikkoliimaisia jotta niiden irroitus tulevaisuudessa olisi helppoa (liima kovettuu aina hieman ajan kuluessa, jolloin kovempiliimainen tarra muuttuu hankalaksi irroittaa). Tämän takia tarjoammekin aina täyden takuun kaikille tarroille, eli mikäli niiden kiinnityksessä on ongelmia olemme aina valmiita korvaamaan tai hyvittämään tuotteen. Seinäpintoja ja -maaleja on niin monenlaisia että haluamme takuulla varmistaa ettei missään tapauksessa jää tunnetta että on maksanut jostain joka ei toimi. Voit aina olla meihin myös suoraan yhteydessä mahdollisissa ongelmatilanteissa tai mikäli sinulla on kysyttävää. Aurinkoisin terveisin, Thomas

Ladies & Gentlemen WC Sign


Wrong story-tarra oli juuri sellainen kun toivoin. Kiinnitys oli helppoa ja muutenkin asiakas todella tyytyväinen. Suosittelen! :)

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Because your products are amazing and put a smile on everyone's face! And because you tell me that I'm an awesome person! ;-)

Katleen, Belgium

Fantastic idea. Good work. Nice items. Sweet customer service. Individual style. Fast shipping.

Lilly, Germany

A wonderful company to deal with! Thank you for the delightful sale, speedy service and wonderful product.

Jacqueline, New Zeeland