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Animal stickers for happy homes

Imagine any surface, only happier! Whenever you are in need of a warm smile or a cute face, our animals are there for you. Easy to install and easy to remove, these high-quality stickers are perfect for your creative home.

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Animals seeking loving homes

Why should I adopt an animal sticker? Here are just a few great reasons:

They make you happy

There are moments when you just need a simple happy face to cheer you up when you are feeling down. These animal stickers are always there for you, instantly turning any old dull surface to a virtual fountain of sparkling unicorn glitter.

They make the kids happy

Kids love these animals. Who would not sleep well with a mighty dragon guarding the door? The best feedback we have got so far; potty training went from impossible to easy with a tiger on the door, as the bathroom became the coolest room in the home.

They are removable

If you get tired of your animal (snif snif) or want a new one, just gently peel it off. Our special adhesive won’t leave any goo or residue. Perfect for rented apartments and for you who move a lot.

They are easy to apply

Clear instructions and a easy to use transfer surface makes these lovely animals easy to apply. And if the unimaginable would happen and something would go horribly wrong, just send us a picture and we’ll send you a new one free of charge. This is our guarantee to you.

They are hand made and packed by us

Even though it might sound a bit dull, these stickers are actually hand made and packed by real existing human beings. You know, nice normal people just like you. Made in Finland, and shipped to great homes all over the world.

They work with all smooth surfaces

Doors, closets, smooth walls, laptops, fridges, windows and tiles, these are just some of the places where you can use your newly adopted animal. If it it smooth, these animals will stick.

What do our customers say?

“The staff is awesome! Their way of dealing with the customer, with the tone of their e-mails and the little letters addressed to you that you find inside the package, is something rarely found in businesses nowadays. “

- Alessandra, Italy

Are you ready to fill your unique home with imagination and happiness?

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1165 reviews

This company makes quality (earth friendly) products. Thank you for your humor, your childlike wonderment, and your vision! My nephew LOVED his rainbow sticker, and I LOVED giving him a gift that my conscious approved of. Thanks, ya’ll!!!


Purchased the muted rainbow for our playroom and it was SO simple to apply, looks beautiful and turned out exactly as I’d hoped. My order arrived within the week and I cannot wait to buy more for future projects. Highly recommend!

Gave our kitchen a lovely splash of colour!

These stickers were super easy and quick to apply and were such a lovely way to give our mini IKEA kitchen a unique touch! The stickers are thick, so don’t feel like they will damage easily, and the colours are true to the website images. Oh and what a lovely little business too - from the lovely packaging to the sweet little note! I love all the little touches :) Thanks all the way from Scotland!

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Kiitokset mahtavista seinätarroista koko teidän tiimille! Lupausten mukaisesti tarrat olivat helpot kiinnittää ja pysyvät hyvin seinässä. Laatu vastasi odotuksia,kiitos vielä kerran.
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